Standards of Practice / Code of Ethics
Home inspections and their reports will be done in compliance with both ASHI and InterNACHI standards.  They are nationally recognized and accepted standards, and define what must be inspected.  These standards are the minimum requirements -- any observed defects will be reported and a recommendation for correction or preventative maintenance will be given even if it exceeds these standards.

Systems generally not inspected are:  recreational equipment, pools and spas, sheds and other outbuildings (except main garage), retaining walls,  areas blocked by occupant's belongings,,  inaccessible items, or any place where inspection would be unsafe for the inspector or likely to cause damage to the property.  Panels will be removed if possible on the heating and cooling systems and main electrical panel, but not at receptacles or appliances.

Click HERE for ​the official ASHI standards of practice

Click HERE for the official InterNACHI standards of practice

​Being a member of ASHI and InterNACHI also requires adhering to the Code of Ethics for each organization. 
​Important points of the code of ethics (applies to both organizations' codes):

​The inspection and the report are exlusive to the client, and will not be shared without the client's permission.
The inspection and the report will follow the Standards of Practice.
No conflicts of interest -- No perks or kickbacks from realtors or any other party,  No selling services to the
home for 1 year after the inspection.
No acts that would damage the public will be committed by the inspector are permitted.
​No acts by the inspector that damage the reputation of the home inspection industry are permitted.

Click HERE​ for the official ASHI Code of Ethics

Click HERE​ for the official InterNACHI Code of Ethics