Homebuyers Inspections
​Buying a home is the largest investment most people will ever make.  Knowing what condition the property is in makes informed wise decisions possible.  A home inspection is a professional, unbiased look at this investment.
Seller Inspections
Sellers can also benefit from a home inspection.  Most homes have issues that the owners have either not noticed or just learned to live with.  Shedding light on these issues can turn some simple repairs into a more impressive showing.
Maintenance / Custom Inspections
Maybe you didn't have an inspection when you purchased your home, or would just like to know if costly surprises await.  A home inspection can show things that require attention but have been ignored so far.  Also, a partial inspection of one or more systems in the home can be arranged.


General inspection of single family homes starts at $350 for up to 1200 square feet.  Each additional 500 square feet adds $25.  Homes built before 1980 add $25.  Homes built before 1950 add $50.  For each mile over 20 from my location, add $2.50.  Ask about specialty inspections and I will give a quote.